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                                      ABOUT US


         Specialists of all modern scientific spheres are intensively looking for convincing explanations of essential growth of cataclysms in the natural surrounding environment, for occurring irreversible physical processes in a material world as a whole which intensity promptly increases.

          Nowadays even the modern science at last starts recognizing the World Creation without human hands, the presence of an invisible and out of human control management which is guiding all processes from the outside, so the availability of a certain Supreme Creator!

          The world of people is put before a choice: either to continue its short vicious being in automotor style and sink into a chasm of the fast death, or to find another way of Civilization development, setting to achieve harmonies with all changed occurring processes of the world around us and thus to be recognized as thou Humanity.

          Without gaining a higher level of truth cognition regarding «the World Created», that means without comprehension of its place and its role in this World, the people will not be able to select other, i.e. its unique an expedient way to further development.

          Research Institute «The Centre of Preventive Strategies» is presented by a group of officers who directly conduct scientific, research and scientifically-applied activity focused by a single purpose: to approach as much as possible the cognition level to the truth about «the World Created» and on the basis of it to offer the present and the subsequent peoples generations some expedient solutions on transition to another way of Civilization development.

          We have achieved certain successes. With anticipation in a tact of event-driven time, these successes will allow the people to be prepared for forthcoming changes in the world around us, both in a sphere of energies being Construction, as thou surrounded us World created without human hands, and in Construction of all spheres of organized and controlled peoples societies human being on the basis of other level of technical and technological everyday support.

        All the Institute research lines may become those theoretical and practical foundations on which basis the society of people can be recognized by Humanity from the side of the Universe Creator and from the side of other thinking civilizations, to gain new cognition and people’s salvation.


General director                                                                  B.V. Makov