A New Doctrine of Transition to another World Order

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From  February 07 of 2013

A New Doctrine of Transition to another World Order 

An active and participating state of current peoples’ being through their “spiritual essence” existence physically and in their further integration into the future is being realized via objectification of a new historical Doctrine. Its performance will allow them in everyday life to generate a new World Order which is of non violence in its fundamental principles of people’s cohabilitation. That in turn will provide their other civilization development, i.e. directed to truly programmed life code towards the way of Thinking orientation which had been earlier imputed to the Mother Earth for all stages of Her being.

The basic processes of people’s active performing actions during Transition period are directly connected with changing elements’ objectification of “gunboat World Order” existed nowadays. These processes fall within severe terms of geographical area as a newly appointed and accompanied living space for people. Such area granting is performed by a recreated Earth’s Guidance System considering new functional vital determination to each society, consisted of integrated peoples groups, with the aim to give them a choice and self-determination towards active participation in their future lives organization, obtaining harmony in the overall ongoing process of recovery directed to development of a true Civilization on the mother Earth.

That geographical area covers: the main part of the South-East Asia, the territory of Russia with part of Arctic region, some limited part of southern Europe, the western coast of Latin America and some zone of Antarctic. Exact geographical outlines of areas specified are available, managing program servers are activated. The start process of the area forming was switched on by the Managing Complex of Altay on November 23 of 2012.

All fundamental basics regarding elements’ imputation into Construction of a new organized human being as a form of peoples performing actions and an integrated part of event-driven processes, directed to their lives preservation in interests of transition’s participation on another way of Civilization development (Humankind by name), are aimed at needs comprehension of a new World Order model objectification and exactly in these specified areas. As a basis of formed social consciousness in peoples group societies in the most part of states of the areas specified is the new historical (event) Doctrine of another World Order. It is a way of their true further evolutionary development. Accompanied power information translation from managing servers directed to such peoples social consciousness formation begins on May 08 of 2013. This translation will cover the territory of the South-East Asia and the western part of Latin America cost and it will be the first stage.

The main Vector of true essence of the new Doctrine is focused:

On exemption of all retained peoples on the territories specified from event “oppressing benefit” of Britain-American-European parasitizing system known as “the Market of complex violence” and imputed some crushing hegemony from outside, from insignificant self-proclaimed minority leaded to social parasitizing of this minority over  majority of indigenous peoples through violently organizing for them (for these peoples) of financial fascism, national-demographic fascism and clan-bureaucratic fascism as well as technological and raw material quitrent and military power pressure, eliminating any responsibility for consequences of such majority dead-end human being and excluding independence in choosing the ways of their own regional development.      

What is “The Beginning of the Beginnings” of those changes? This is a fateful question for all society of people of the Earth, who are able to be integrated into the future. For its comprehension we were connived to shine and express a number of Preventive strategies as a program for future peoples performing actions, which execution will allow them to obtain another harmonious way of civilization’s development and leave the historical deadlock as it was imputed for them like a fundamental basis of their existence directed to liquidating violence and doomed to death at the end.

 By economic, organizational and spiritual basis of the new Doctrine, as a new event-driven process, serves some Preventive Strategies of nowadays laid system Targets Vector of future phenomena, actions and events which are as the basis of specified areas peoples new performing activity. On the way of this activity objectification the Civilization’s transition beginning to another way of development will start. These Strategies are as follow:

- Destruction of Britain-American-European artificially imposed illusion about historical inevitability of their civilizational superiority over prevailing majority of all peoples community on the mother Earth as a resulting atavism of the former social parasitizing civilizational development which was realized by the old but nowadays liquidated (on April 24 of 2011) gunboat Control System;

Unconditional rejection of Britain-American-European technologies, which are of destructive nature and don’t meet changing processes occuring in a new controlled energies’ being on the Earth. Rejection of technologies which are exhausting non-renewable natural resources of regions with new functional and territorial empowerment, which are breaking harmony of controlled environment and which are leading to irreversible regional ecological disasters and as a result to inevitable peoples and all biological sphere liquidation;

Transition to a new technological basis leaning against other level of the truth cognition about “The World Created” providing imputation of its own zone innovative scientifically-technological platform of creative empowerment, determining wasteless human being in harmony with surrounding nature, and focusing on peoples life salvation in course of their integration into the future;

Transition to a new housekeeping System which is of human and “Good” nature and leaning against aspiration towards social justice imputation in zonal distribution of general produced blessings and services providing warranted protection against aggressive intervention of parasitizing personal interests which were imposed from the outside by Britain-American-European minority in all its forms like an atavism of former destroying Construction of earlier existed organized human being of the  “Violent Civilization”;

A new construction and social arrangement’s formation and imputation, taking into account features of functional and territorial empowerment imposed to each society and considering reached and recognized by the society both individual and joint merits in person and society perfection at their civilizational development directed to Thinking orientation;

Circumstances formation for the Faith and Morality transition to another level, expressing complete harmony with changed level of more perfect Mind. That means that People can be recreated as thou Humans, if some awareness for them will be revealed. This awareness will concern an irreversible demand for transition necessity from current level of the world understanding through “Good Manifestation” to a new based world understanding through “God Manifestation” in all people’s future spiritual and high morality life human being gaining another cognition regarding the truth about “The World Created” and about people’s mission on the Earth.

 Why is that and in these specified areas? First of all it is a System process; it does not depend of people’s opinion and influence and is connected with the areas’ empowerment by more appropriate process execution regarding preservation of people’s lives on the Mother Earth.

By this exactly way and without any violent influence on people from the true System, they (the people) receive some possibility to obtain a fateful choice:

- or self-producing following former way, which is the way of already unmanaged performing processes without any accompaniment from the liquidated gunboat Control System directed by its performing actions to doomed being death, to society management destruction, “spiritual essence” degradation because of civilizational being out and destroying vicious existence;

- or the true future obtaining, that means transition to another way of civilazational development and acquisition of harmony with ongoing changes on the Earth, focused on reconstruction of the former program concerning the true Civilization of Thinking orientation development.

All scale processes of the whole complex of occurring regenerative changes on the Earth are connected exactly with it. These changes concern the Earth in a whole and regeneration of a new Construction regarding energies’ being management in their true states. Any changes in Construction of organized human being which are of lower subsystem level should occur in harmony with those changes which are of the Earth general higher level.

All “Preventive Strategies” are elaborated and agreed with the System both according to true essence of peoples’ performing actions and according to the tact of event-driven time.

General Director                                                           B. Makov

Please don’t impute any correction into the essence of “Historical Doctrine” and don’t use it as a “plagiarism” for any cathedral and published fabrications, pursuing interests of personal or image nature.