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№ 8

01 of October of 2012


(Declare on October 25, 2012)

The presentProvidenceis the Target’s Vector of phenomena, actions and events of this Century.

It’s necessary to spiritualize your sounding only by the Verity shown from Our Maker and from the Earth’s Mind.

This Verity is built-in into its essence, which is the sense of the future Human being – “Foundation of Humankind Formation”.

The Human has been created from the Over, he is a constructive Creator, as though likeness of Our Maker. The Human is pure before Our Maker by his essential living creature through progress of the Human Being. All the essence of the Human Being is to maintain and develop a phased harmony of his Mind regarding the Earth’s Mind and not destroy the Earth’s model Cosmos energy.

All Our participating and performing actions during such sophisticated and life-defining event time are the Beginning of the Beginnings of transit to another development way of civilization related to Thinking orientation.

There is no place for error and there is no right for vicious steps in Our current doings. There is nothing but connived, as though for nothing granted, function – to be a Human of the future, to create a new Human Being Organized Construction, Humankind by name, which should be in harmony with the Earth’s Being, to make it plain for people consciousness’ level the fact that this function is inevitable and only advisable, to lead the people to a new World, the World of the Mind fair civilization’s development without violence.

The Human’s life salvation on the Earth does not mean protection of his leisured staying and conservation of his non-Lenten consumer intent, of its perverse essence and destructive violence. Salvation means creation manifested from Our Maker, manifested through reconstituted protection from any destruction of harmony between living cellule’s energies being and Universal energies. It means the harmony’s purification and many times extension of Human’s biological existence by that.

As though proviso of our possible further existence it was manifested for Us, like an unconditional necessity, to converse all our life arrangements of cohabilitation with reality around us into creative bed defined by Our Maker.  It is necessary to frame all Humankind being’s vital technological beginning and trend it onto the path of our Earth’s integrity, onto the path of non-primary energy acquisition and creation of its waste-free existence.  We exist in the World which is around us. It does not mean that the nature is granted us for our all destroying consumer being. Cohabilitation in harmony with reality is the solely way and solely base of preservation of our dwelling on the Earth.

All Our thoughts and actions may and should be harmonized and should be faithful to the indicated Target’s Vector. That means an accepted and perceived aspiration towards harmony with conjoint development of the Earth’s Civilization by itself. The Target’s Vector indicated for Us is the Fasting designed for intellectual, inner and bodily purification from the inflicted to people evils and violence. Holy fasting is a perceived Tribute on recognizing people’s Mind and people’s getting up as though Humankind. Any other is an atavism and apostasy that will face death.

This is an objective and meaning of all thoughts and deeds

«Salvatoris Salvatores – Saviors from the Savior».

General Director                                                                                     B. Makov