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Date 26-11-2012


We have described the sequence of real event-driven chronometric processes’ proexpiration in conditions of peoples’ application in rem. This application was recognized and perceived by the people as ostensibly natural process of civilization development, but in true reality this process was carried out under programs and under guidance of the old gunboat System (materials are available). At the present historical event-driven time, namely on the 24th of April of 2011, the act of System power’s changing was made for good and all.

This event is a real event of universal scale – it means elimination of the alien intervention of the Earth! The self-producing part of residual processes, outflowed in all spheres of collapsing people’s organized Human Being, connected with liquidation of consequences of the gunboat System Intellect, as well as substitution of some stored fragmentary elements of the old guidance onto more advanced and “native”, – will be carried out on course with the basic evolutionary and restoration transformations’ objectification in all constructions and states of the Earth’s energies and these energies’ guidance during transaction period in 2012 – 2024 years.

By the very fact of its fulfillment the universal Change of the System power put in front of people and in front of communities of people the necessity of participation in working out of number of the most important strategic landmarks and missions for themselves and for their future, working out at such level, which people are allowed by the current state of their Brain, but with taking into account some corrections of previously granted cognition. These landmarks and missions show the most complicated complex of new future people’s life definition, reconstruction of their true role and place not only in modeling limited scale of the Earth, but also beyond her limits, i.e. in the unified hierarchy System of diverse planetary Civilizations of Thinking Orientation.  Only through such already manifested way and only through objectification of all nowadays specified to people from the native Earth Guidance System, through its “Providences”, – the “Humankind” is able to find harmony together with other civilizations.

It would be possible to consider the declared like a result of irrepressible imagination or naive utopianism, but it could be correct only in that case, when the similar judgment would concern Civilization’s development in former terms of Guidance carried out by the old gunboat System, because the whole people’s evolutionary proexpiration process under its management has not been apprehended by other Civilizations like reasonable or thinking.  The people’s development on the Earth was not perceived by all outside thinking Civilizations like rational development in general.

But some system-power developments have happened. These developments have changed all essence and all basic principle underlying regarding people’s future existence towards foreshortening of other reality allowing people not only declare themselves by the very fact of their presence, but also be recognized by other Civilizations, objectify their true mission in a future of civilized development. People have a conscious choice of their fateful path. But this path now is out of framework of their limited application in rem. Either keep orientation in the framework of the former Construction, but in the state of non controlled self-producing Being, and in a short time stop their dead-end existence like atavism of the old System, or, with certain quantitative losses, but nevertheless with understanding and in time, shift and redirect orientation towards a new Construction of other organized Human Being, which has another target orientation, be recognized as a highly developed true reality from outside, but already like reconstituted Humankind. Only in this case the Humankind will be able to get an opportunity in gaining more perfect cognition, as a Person, and manifest by himself the development of higher life level. That is the true essence of such new fateful choice.

During last 18 000 years the people, in their most part, have come into contact with the similar independently for the first time. Therefore, even the fact by itself of perception necessity concerning such choice for the present people’s generations is not only complicated, but incredible. And this is a consequence of people’s consciousness status, which is still being in the self-producing state of people’s application in rem!  The present naturally occurring process of public consciousness’ forming of present people in terms, when the people slowly find and perceive new information, and when the process is only in a stage of its practical implementation towards changing of all fundamental bases of people’s Being in conditions of information’s swelling steam and in conditions of energy and information’s support from the new Guidance System, this process still cannot be kept within rigid time event-driven tact of a new historical chronometric or chrono proceedings. The similar delay of event-driven time is inadmissible, but the fact of such delay is still available because the level’s change of Brain’s octave is not so fleeting.

Thereupon, this barrier’s choice should be overcome by a leading group of the first executors. There were exactly they who were connived to open a new path, and this path represents the choice to reveal its true substance and give the substance to the people. Can we call this choice a theory? Undoubtedly we can, because it is something new, but more likely it is something other, which is essentially higher than habitual definition named as a theory. This new conceptual judgment has to be laid down as a basis of a new future multivector theoretical direction, which will be developed by many subsequent generations, acquiring in a far and close time tact consequence more perfect, developing stage by stage, current cognition about Created World’s truth.

Among all the complex of determinative problems, put in front of people, the guiding one is transferring all fundamental basics of its perceived life identification to another level of true cognition. It, certainly, will provide formation of a new world understanding towards everything, including understanding towards real Person’s mission on the Earth, his role and function in planetary proceedings of all resulting changes, connected with transferring everything really occurring in surrounding world on other direction of general vector’s civilization development  of the Earth entirely.

All this, already by itself, demands first of all building fundamentally other Constriction of organized Human Being for people who will be saved. This exactly new constructive and life determinative basis of the world understanding should be able to: express in a new way the true substance of people’s existence and living on the Earth on the whole; organize, without any programmed violence imputed from outside, other society social arrangement and with full guarantee provide respectful relationship inside society, valid for each individual; create and operate all appropriate spheres of future fair and humane life arrangements, which are only rational and harmonious towards dwelling condition and are submitted for people’s life accompaniment on the Earth;  generate necessary and sufficient conditions for objectification of true functions to a recreated and developing Person as to a creator and etc.

The Recreated Human, – he is not an indigenous nature’s destroyer thou being a Master on the Earth. He is the nature’s rational hypostasis, who is creating not only in the framework of his individual consumer restricted interests, but in planetary scales and processes too. He is carefully applying an expedient and advisable volume of energy in its material and immaterial states within limits that exclude destabilization of their (energies states) harmony or not restitution. It was not he, who by his own hands and by the fact of his availability and presence has created the World. But it is he who has being provided by such opportunity and by such complex of material and immaterial life accompaniment, which is necessary for his participant, active and common useful existence in interests of harmonious Human Being in a “Created World”, but created not by him. Only in this case He is a Human of the truth and only then He will be claimed by the Earth and by the Earth’s Mind being recreated.

Therefore the Human has to upbuild such Construction of his new organized Human Being, Humankind by name, which should be solely rational, useful and effective by the fact of its active availability and presence and which should be corresponded to full and all-round harmony to the surrounded “Created World”.  Such Construction, by its practical administrative beginning, has to provide the total orientation of the Human Being including performing people’s actions. It means orientation to preservation and creation of the material and immaterial World,   to voluntary and perceived objectification of all programs towards Civilization’s development on the Earth under the control of the new, i.e. true Guidance System. There will be no more winners in “indigenous nature’s conquest” of material and immaterial “Created World”. Because the Earth is recreating “her nature, nature which is verily true and controlled by Herself only”. And there will be no more places in the future for any parasitizing destruction on behalf of private purposes of consumer limited existence in any of its disguise.

Destruction of former programmed processes realized by the System’s gunboat Control has eliminated first of all the main humiliating fundamental principle of all former happening accomplishment of the event-driven chronometric process, – people will not be involved longer to performing states on terms of application in rem!

It has marked that all future performing states and actions towards objectification of event-driven chronometric process in new Civilization’s development, connected with natural and understanding people’s involvement, will be organized, accompanied and provided by the native Earth’s Guidance System without any violence imputing.

Such new accompanied guidance will be executed only upon conditions and within the framework of true Human’s mission, on the basis of accountancy and supporting development of new, individually allowed to the Human true functions, both on the Earth and beyond. Herewith the very process of the Human brain’s function progressive development will be systemically provided and accompanied towards transferring it up to higher octave’s level, towards imputation to it more perfect abilities in other cognitions’ acquisition, excluding aggressive character of their application and providing isolation from possible consequences of any forms of violence appearances. On this basis there will be recuperated for the Human the earlier destroyed process of his improvement and engaged practical active participation in evolutionary Earth’s development, the Human’s creator status will be recuperated too and corresponded state of his Mind, which will be in harmony with Minds of higher degrees and levels, will be achieved. Specified above puts forward some appropriate additional requirements towards compliance of upbuilding such Construction of organized Human Being’s principles, which are new for us, but obligatory for execution, and which have been already accepted by Civilizations of higher order. Herewith definite corrections concerning harmony with common Earth’s energy Being has to be taken into account. Own judgments about new principles and formulation of such new principles’ concepts and definitions don’t  suffer delay in time, not only because of studies’ completion in this area, but because of  the very fact of their true substance’s comprehensive and imputing them into the basis of forming new public consciousness also takes certain amount of time. But none of us has this time.

All it leads to unconditional necessity to generate in a rather short time, harmonious to the tact of occurring processes’ changes, fundamentally new Construction of organized Human Being – Humankind by name.  In the future such Construction will be able and has to be gradually improved, while keeping its thinking Beginning of the Beginnings which is being installed nowadays. Already nowadays this Construction should be established structurally in such way, that there will be a possibility to provide preventively keeping of the very harmony with the time tact of occurring comprehensive events towards development of civilization processes touching all the Earth’s model as a whole. Herewith the event-driven time and frameworks of Targets’ Vectors, as independently expressed stages of new general historical and event-driven chronometric process should be strictly complied.

The people have not jet had any possibility to solve problems at such critically important level of their historical responsibility behind future civilizations on the Earth. To solve problems for themselves and for all future generations, being in self-producing and while unconscious state of their former humiliated application in rem, which have existed for the last tens thousand years. This is higher than culmination of a historical turning point; this is a principle change in direction of the path towards further Civilization’s development. It concerns both all people’s future and collapsing current civilization of the present people in order to save their lives.

However complexity and unambiguity of our theoretical conclusions and new constructive determinations should distinguish present judgments from the former traditional and conventional judgments of past thinkers in such way, that exactly at this moment we have to provide initial ideas at a conceptual level both for the present situation and for far future. Moreover, our Conceptual conclusions at their practical application have no right for possible historical mistakes or private deviations. In this regard we can not, having assimilated to plaints of publican, grope for a casually turned firmament which could be possible reliance in the darkness of unknown future, as it had been done before by the all so called “upbuilders”.

We are connived at absolutely different, i.e. at reverse. Namely it means – we have to set “from the lightened future” such direction to the manifested Target’s Vector of “future phenomena, actions and events” which should allow not only generate starting and solely rational “Organizing Beginning” with all its constructive complex and practical vital Code, harmoniously appropriated to event-driven time from that day and forward to the future. But we have to be responsible for a faultless fulfillment of the very objectification’s process of the Target’s Vector through executors’ understandable actions and events. And this process should be a practical invariable programmed substance brought to final completion in future time without deviation from the truth. All this is able and has to be objectified within predetermined strict tact of the event-driven time of the all programmed Code of the general historical chronometric process. That exactly means an involved participation in a special performing state, accompanied by the System, as – “Savors from the Savior” (Salvatores Salvatorem).

The Construction of a new organized Human Being, laid at the present event-driven time, by its future final Code concerning all operating and constructively elemental social states of the Mankind Being and by its forming new Organizing Beginning, has to meet full harmony with common states of resulting Civilization’s development on the Mother Earth as a whole. We need to create such Construction, which is merely rational and harmonious with the level of civilization dispensation concerning common and true Earth’s processes. Because only such harmony can have sufficient effect from necessary conditions of full life accompaniments produced and provided in interests of people by the new System. Any other Construction’s options will not be able to give the necessary and forceful impact towards Humankind’s development and will not be able to be sufficiently apprehended by the Earth’s Mind.  Respectively, there will be no place to necessary changes in states of people’s brain development, required for granting them new level of cognition with all consequences coming from it.

The very fact of the “System power” change fulfillment, as replacement of one Guidance System, onto other (“native” or natural), entails objectification of mandatory further common changing actions and events in the frameworks of existent causal laws outflowed in a single line Code of construction concerning development of true Civilization on the Earth’s common event-driven chronometric process, including possible participation of the current community consisted of the people.

The organized Human Being by itself, as a guided and accompanied process realized by the System, is only a certain small part of the total being related to all complexes of primary and derivative energies on the Earth.  And this applies to both material and immaterial energy states up to the present highest level, i.e. up to 512 octave catachrestic to the current stage of Civilization’s development.

 And it’s connected not only with Human Being and for Human Being! In this case any correction taken place in general guidance of energy’s being processes on the Earth leads to essential changes in organized Human Being in particular. And the last in its practical foreshortening may be objectified only through rational changing of Construction concerning organized and guided Human Being in interests of transferring onto principally new social dispensation – Humankind by name. And that should meet harmony with common resulting changes proceedings.

Such scaled changes, which are being objectified now through actions and events on the Earth and directly related to the fact of people’s involvement in these changes, they are being realized under the guidance of the new System and are oriented on directions as follow:

- recreation of the prior (previous to gunboat) complex harmony of guided primary energies’ being in their true (dodecahedron) construction within levels from 12 till 512 octave including, which are both in material and in immaterial states. Guidance system direction;

- elimination of the predominant availability of primaries alien (cubic) energies’ constructions, introduced from outside and imputed 18 000 years ago within levels from 15 till  128 octave and which have essentially changed the previously granted nature of material and immaterial world including conditions of life accompaniment on the Earth. Construction system direction;

- full reanimation of true Guidance System Complexes which controlled primaries energies’ being (of dodecahedron construction) and reconstruction of all processes regarding  true Mind substance on the Earth including its mandatory hypostasis – Mind of Mankind.  Essence System direction;

- Person’s reconstruction through imputing changes into total complex of life accompaniment conditions, lending him his true function and predestination in general Guidance process concerning Civilization’s development of the Mother Erath. Modification of the Mind’s octave level and appropriate granting another cognition level about the  “World Created” followed by correction of all Human Being Construction, – Humankind. Direction: “Penance” to community of people for their vicious previous being;

- reconstruction of the entire complex of guidance states, connected with development of true programmed Earth’s Civilization taking into account mandatory preventive and accelerated creation which is an integral compensation for “the lost” 18 000 years of the even-driven time.

Direction: “Opening Passage of true Earth’s Civilization”.

In the near future each of directions indicated above will be positioned like a separate scientific application and inner spheres towards practical mastering and objectification to the very essence of the Humankind’s Being through acquisition of a new, absolutely other cognition’s level. Blessed be the path and the work of those who are going ahead!

The proposed “Message is an appeal to reasonable people with the aim to join their efforts and

all their possibilities for saving live of future generations on the Earth!

General Director of RIСPS                                                                       B.V. Makov