Life supporting Polymers

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Life supporting Polymers

or substance of nature’s origin

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In the middle of the last century scientists of the world leading countries were challenged to ensure  all aspects of human, fauna and flora survival after weapons of mass destruction application: nuclear, chemical and bacteriological.    

 In the USSR fundamental and practical research works aimed at the problem’s solution had been carried out during more than 40 years. The maximal concentration of institutional, scientific, engineering and financial resources had allowed the Soviet Union to leave on creation of a new class of substances, so called “live polymers” or “life accompanied and life supporting polymers”, which were capable to counter with full effectiveness the threats of human life support not only in conditions of nuclear war and in the post-war period, but, as it had appeared, and in a peace time too. According to achieved finished results, including not military but civilian component of these results, the leading scientists, engineers and other project participants were awarded by the Russian Federation State Premium. 

Created “Live polymers” allow resolve in one complex the following tasks:

  • Genes mutations blocking and DNA modifications of human, plants, animals and microorganisms exclusion, which affect the human life and life of flora and fauna biosystem (hereinafter Human and Biosystem) from effects of external factors, such as radiation, infections, bacteriological and other contamination, environment pollutions etc. (hereinafter External Factors).
  • Reversing the stress effects of Human and Biosystem cells and genes affected by External Factors. Mobilization of protective mechanisms of Human and Biosystems cells and genes, bringing their characteristics and properties to the level laid down by the nature.
  • Targeted inhibition of microorganisms’ cells and genes viability that impact harmfully for working of Human and Biosystem cells and genes without rendering any associated harm to Human and Biosystem.   
  • Effects of External Factors influences on soil and water elimination, its recovery and restoration, reduction to norms comprehensible to Human and Biosystem. 
  • New materials creation needed to enhance vitality and viability of Human and Biosystem.

The “live polymers” offer the challenge for significant opportunities in a number of areas

of their practical application in peacetime. Incomplete list of such areas are as follow. 

“Live polymers” allow finding new approaches to curing of a wide range of human diseases and to effective disinfection of various buildings and vehicles; “live polymers” are capable to increase crop yields for at least of 30%, including in areas of risk farming. They are able to raise sharply the safety of agricultural crops, grains, sowing materials etc., the safety of human food and feed for animals.  They can increase viability of surrounding flora and fauna in general. They open up new approaches to causes of diseases of livestock and poultry elimination as well as to simple technological and effective disinfection system of animals’ detention.  

It has turned out that “live polymers” were capable to minimize in short time consequences of Chernobil disaster. Radiation contaminated lands in some areas were shortly treated and introduced into agricultural rotation.  The pilot tests regarding full soil deactivation in particular affected areas of Belorussia have confirmed “live polymers” effectiveness

  Due to events occurred in the USSR after 1985 year, developments on “live polymers” practical applications have been stopped, despite of their market demand and obvious commercial and other competitive advantages.

Nowadays according to experts estimations, promptly worsening of Earth’s global ecosystem’s qualitative parameters, that are the result of human aggressive influence on environment, by its character and harm have become comparable with the effect of weapons of mass destruction. In these conditions the question of opposition to human life and health threats from environment decomposition products has got again an extreme cheapness and actuality and the demand of means providing human vitality and viability has sharply increased.

 In recent years all the scope of works, connected with “live polymers” scientific researches, state registration of active substances, elaboration of technical standards, new technologies carrying out and its modernization, Modern Technologies Development Center “New Formula” and some group of companies and scientific laboratories are going on. The Center “New Formula” has obtained juridical, intellectual and other rights regarding “live polymers” practical application.   

 At present on the available trial base the Center “New Formula” has got up production of the main “live polymers” component so called synthesized poly-N, N-dimethyl-3 ,4-dimetilenpirrolidiniya halide (SPDDH) and a range if its derivatives, which have some branched practical application.

 Polymer SPDDH, as well as its derivatives, they are a new class of chemical and biological compounds, structure of which is similar to nature protein of amino group.  Their molecular size makes some nanometers. The proximity by its composition to proteins of living organisms including human proteins, the capability to be energetically and informationally interactive with them approaches properties of synthesized polymers to protein regulators of organized matter, which in fact gave rise to the name of “live polymers”.

 The result of such interaction is on one hand as much as possible favorable addressed impact on cells and DNA of humans, as well as on cells and DNA of plants and animals with the aim to reduce stress factors on gene and cellular level, to restore damaged DNA codes and bring maximally closer to properties of cells and genes laid by the nature. On the other hand – address suppressing harmful bacteria genomes as well as genomes of viruses, fungi, mold and other microorganisms that disturb normal working of human cells and connected with humans’ activity cells of plants and animals.  Thus any harm to human cells and genes, to cells and genes of plants and animals is not applied and any changes or mutations in their natural properties do not occur

 Designed products, such as Avibif, KSCH, Radiopol, Drevopol  and others are the line of disinfectants, food and feed preservatives, veterinary preparations and antiseptics which  can be used in: 

  •  crop area;
  • animal husbandry;
  • aviculture;
  • food industry;
  • ecology;
  • medicine;
  • cosmetic and perfumery industry;
  • textile industry;
  • leather industry;
  • construction materials production;
  • non-combustible materials production;
  •  new fuel types production and in a number of other areas.

In general, “live polymers” can be rightly called as a universal mean of human life support.  They have direct favorable influence on environment, on the human body in respect of its purification, restoration, completion and treatment. And through favorable influence on inhabitancy such as: flora, fauna, water, foodstuff, and environment the “live polymers” make essential impact on improvement of life standards. Moreover by applying principals and working mechanism the “live polymers” are absolutely unique. By efficiency of application in a number of areas, for example in water and soil treatment from radiation and other harmful for Human and Biosystem artificial pollutions have no analogues in the world. Currently used preparations in sanitary, creation of super pure operation rooms in medicine, veterinary, all they essentially concede to “live polymers” in terms of price/quality/efficiency.

Thus, the “live polymers according to more exact professional designation are life accompanied and life supporting  means and  ” by its functional essence are the substance of nature’s origin. They are nothing but a great civilization achievement, innovative universal product , capable to take a rightful place in a number of products that significantly improve human ecosystem parameters and to be a part of the most popular consumer goods

Consumer properties and features of the “live polymers”  give the reason to assert that this product have its own unfilled market niche, which scale and volume in Russia, according to preliminary estimation, amounting  tens of billions of US dollars.

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